Wiltshire Loaf Cheese

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The phrase chalk and cheese comes from Wiltshire with the chalk downs in the South and the cheesemaking pastures in the North where Ceri’s family has farmed for 250 years. 

Wiltshire Loaf was mentioned in two of Jane Austen’s novels and adding to its fame won best territorial cheese at the British Cheese Awards. 

Beautifully smooth with flavours of chamomile and daisies. It has a fresh honey flavour when young and pale and matures to a fruitier hay and yellow hue. The texture is irregular and the body of the cheese is springy. This a complex cheese that manages to be creamy and crumbly, sweet and sharp simultaneously. 

Wiltshire Loaf can be splendidly accompanied by a Pinot Noir, not too heavy and overpowering for a complex cheese but with some depth. Matched with a baked fig or caramelised onion chutney will heighten the flavours as will a carefully baked artisan loaf with an open oily texture such as ciabatta.