Gallipot Eyes

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This cheese is based on a Gouda recipe and is matured for between six and 12 months. 

The name comes from the writings of John Aubrey and below is his not entirely flattering description of North Wiltshiremen in 1656. “… they are phlegmatique, skins pale and livid, slow and dull, heavy of spirit… they only milk the cowes and make cheese; they feed chiefly on milke meates, which cooles their braines too much, and hurts their inventions…. their persons are generally plump and feggy: gallipot eies (eyes), and some black: but they are generally handsome enough.” 

Similar to Gouda but with more texture, depth and purity of flavour thanks to the single source of milk used to make it at Brinkworth Dairy. A perfect example of ‘fermier cheese’ which is where cheese is produced by a single farmer from the milk of their animals. 

It is a beautiful yellowish gold with an irregular crumbly texture punctuated by ‘eye-holes’. There is a strong aroma of hay and earthiness. A younger Gallipot will have a different flavour profile to a more mature one that develops a tangy and caramel flavour that develops while ageing in the ripening room. 

A beautifully crisp French Cremant works wonderfully. Smooth and rounded with all the bubbles from a second fermentation in the bottle to wake up your taste buds. There are many regional varieties to choose from – have some fun sampling. 

Slices of slightly tart apple or a tomato based chutney will bring out the best in Gallipot Eyes. Slivers of ham, pickled peppers make your mouth water. Dare we suggest it but lightly grilled on thin crackers brings out Gallipot’s delicious meltiness. It can of course be eaten by itself however it should have a guaranteed spot on any cheeseboard.

We source all the milk we use from our farm and this is the main ingredient of all of our produce.