Royal Bassett Blue 200g

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Soft blue Wiltshire cheese. This is a stunning soft blue cheese named after the local town of Royal Wootton Bassett just a few miles from Brinkworth Dairy. This Bassett Blue is a labour of love taking three weeks to develop needing constant attention. 

A great introduction to the world of blue cheese – even if you are sworn against them this one is not to be missed. Small and perfectly formed, once you take a slice you’ll keep going back for more. Slice through the rough, mushroomy rind to discover the buttery interior delicately veined with blues and greens. Look out for humus and celery aromas. 

This is not a crumbly Stilton-like blue but more akin to a creamy, smooth Dolcelatte or Gorgonzola. Fresh tasting and indulgent at the same time. Enough strength of flavour to delight without being overpowering, it deserves every award it has won. 

What to pair it with;

Crying out for the intense notes of blackberry and pepper from a Shiraz or even a huge Barolo. This cheese can tolerate deep flavour pairings to cut through the buttery, creamy taste. Choose finely sliced cured meats, pate or salamis to share a plate. A less well known addition is a drizzle of honey. Chad’s Honey from the Brinkworth Dairy beehives is fabulous if you are lucky enough to get hold of a jar.