Batch Farm Cheesemakers
We make fabulous award winning dairy produce on our farm! Batch Farm is situated in an idyllic setting on the Pennard ridge with views of the Glastonbury Tor and the Mendips beyond. Cheese is made at Batch Farm by Richard Honeybun and Jean Turner. Made on site for half a century Cheesemaking has been a family concern for almost 50 years. The dairy is adjacent to the thatched farmhouse where Fred Gould runs the farm and Jean Turner his sister the cheesemaking business. Using milk from their 260 Friesian cows, Gould’s make around 140 tonnes of West Country Farmhouse Cheddar in the traditional 27kg cylinders. Traditional skills There are currenty two full time staff and two part time staff, all of whom have been trained to Food Hygiene standards and the authentic skills of traditional cheesemaking. As well as selling our cheese through West Country Farmhouse Cheesemakers, Gould’s Farmhouse Cheddar is also available at our farm shop. The cheese is entered in many local agricultural... More
Beckfords Rum Spirits c/o Zen Exp Ltd
We make Award Winning Rums using traditional techniques and only the best natural ingredients Driven by Taste We like to combine our quality Rum with perfectly matched classic flavours to create something truly irresistible. Traders, blenders and bottlers of the finest Rums creating new and innovative flavours.  Based in Bath in the South West of the UK, the original city of elegant consumption. We have spent the last 12 months trialling our product to consumers across the UK. Caramel and Coconut Rum- Our research shows our consumer profile is anyone of the legal drinking age who is looking to try something different and is driven by taste.  An Indulgent Treat Our products are luxury and indulgent, the purpose of the drinking is the enjoyment. Being nice to yourself, spoiling yourself. (Black Pearl) – A blend of Rums from Guyana and completely in tune with the current appetite for spiced Rums. Appeals to the discerning palette and to anyone who wants more flavour from their... More
Black Bee Honey
Unpasteurised and unblended British Honey Founders Paul and Chris met in an office 20 years ago, but their interest in beekeeping led them to London rooftops where they cared for millions of bees. Whilst they still have hives in London, they now also support several other British beekeepers whilst showcasing the best honey the UK has to offer. Their seasonal varieties demonstrate how the taste, texture, and colour of honey changes dramatically due to the flowering plants surrounding the hives at that time of year.  Whilst the company has grown and evolved, the founding principles still prevail; that their honeys remain unpasteurised and unblended, course filtered, and that each jar be stamped with the individual apiary location and beekeeper to ensure maximum traceability. The apiary locations are of particular importance to them, with sites selected based on little to no pesticide use in the area. This is why you’ll find most jars stamped with National Park locations, with the addition of a... More
Brinkworth Dairy
We make fabulous award winning dairy produce on our farm! Tradition Hill End Farm, our location for Brinkworth Dairy has been family farmed since 1910 when William Collingborn established our pedigree Friesian herd when William Collingborn established our pedigree Friesian herd. Sustainability Our cows are reared on our sustainable family farm and are treated with care and respect. Our cows graze on the traditional lush pastures of the Dauntsey Vale for 240 days of the year. The herd is relatively small which means the cows are not stressed and the milk is extremely clean. More
Deer Park Wines
Deer Park Wines is an independent, family run, vineyard found on the edge of the Cotswolds, on the historic Bredon hill. Our vineyards are part of our 1300 acre organic farm amid stunning countryside, which stretches up from the top of Bredon hill, down the edge of the Cotswolds at the banks of Shakespeare’s Avon; the only place in the Cotswolds to do so.  Distinguished The vineyard, planted in 2016 has already won international awards with 2 Decanter World Wine awards Bronze medals for both Its Rose 2018 and Bacchus 2018. Since then our first Sparkling wine has just been released and has already received quite a following, with hopes of it winning even greater awards in 2021. Sophisticated Our wines benefit from a fusion of Cotswold stone and mineral rich soils combined with the beneficial warmth of both the river Severn and Avon. These attributes promote both early ripening and a long mineral intensity to our wines, creating a wine that has both sophistication and length of... More
Dowding’s Apple juice and Cider is run by Oliver Dowding who was born into a farming family in the village of Shepton Montague in Somerset where he has lived all his life, and farms to organic standards Land that is managed organically provides an ideal environment for wildlife, flora and fauna to thrive, and every effort is made to encourage public use of the footpaths that criss-cross the farm and the orchards. In addition to using apples from the farm, Dowding’s make use of surplus local apples that wouldn’t otherwise be harvested. As a small business, care can be taken to ensure that none of the apples harvested are ever sprayed or fertilised. Harvesting apples from other local places means that others can be involved (such as schools and community projects), as well as making use of the many traditional, and varied orchards that exist in an area often referred to as ‘apple and cider country’. All of Dowding’s apples are harvested by hand. This improves quality control and... More
Good Living Brew
LIVE LIGHTER PHILOSOPHY Binary was created from a desire to eat and drink lighter, to prioritise light moments with friends and family and to tread lightly minimising our impact on the planet . We love the fact that a waste product can also taste so delicious! We love chatting about all things sustainability related. Unlike anything you tried before binary botanical superior table beer is unlike any beer you have tasted before. Its tropical aroma, prosecco-like taste, and clean finish come from the infusion with organic hop leaves and choice of wine yeast. It is a flavourful beer brewed to be enjoyed with food.
Kentish Pip
We’re a small team with a big ambition: challenge the status quo, push aside the mediocre and reignite your love affair with cider. We combine the best ingredients with innovation, style and a pinch of tradition so you can discover beyond your cider expectations. About us It all starts with apples. Kentish Pip is based at Woolton Farm near Canterbury, where the Mount Family has been growing apples for four generations. Our products are a window into the lifestyle and ethos of our family business: working with nature and never satisfied to settle for second best. Our story Founded by Herbert Mount over 100 years ago growing fruit and vegetables. Now diversified into a thriving mixed crop farm, business hub and drinks business. We produce Kentish Pip cider and our own wines from our small vineyard. Kentish Pip started out in 2012 by Mark Mount, who milled and pressed the apples by hand in his garden. Working with his wife Rosie they developed the original range from... More
Kimbers Farm Shop
Paul and Ruth Kimber have been farming since 1973, carrying on the family tradition at Charlton Musgrove in the lush pastures of the Blackmore Vale under the shadow of Alfred's Tower, where the Kimber's have farmed for 350 years. Having a mixed stock farm we have become experts in animal husbandry, welfare being our top priority. Quality is maintained by using wholesome animal feed including home grown wheat, maize/grass silage and meadow hay - all used during the winter months. The cattle graze in the summer with special formulated rations for finishing, without the use of growth promoters. The same policy is used for all other livestock. We are responsible traditional farmers, using fertilisers and herbicides only according to need. Our animals are treated when necessary. We enjoy the services of expert agronomists, veterinarians, and feed specialists. Our farm is independently inspected.
My Sweets And Treats
My sweets and treats is a family run, small business based in Bristol. Our aim is to offer our customers handmade products that are not mass made or available on the high street We specialise in handmade fudge and dietary requirement Pick 'N' Mix sweets such as vegan, Halal, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Vegetarian and even Sugar-free. We have handmade gifts available all year round and for every occasion.
Premier Fish LTD
The freshest fish, hand picked for you ! Premier Fish was created in 1995, firstly as a local retailer and now for over 25 years we have been supplying a wide range of fish and seafood to the hospitality sector across the south. With an extensive range of quality fresh fish, frozen seafood, delicatessen and game products, we truly are your local independent fishmonger.
Russell Distiller LTD
Russell Distillers LTD The Copper Rivet Distillery is an exciting and dynamic Medway based craft distillery. Drawing upon the area’s rich tradition of innovation and craft, the team will toil together to produce small batches of exceptional gins, whiskies and vodkas from scratch in bespoke stills, with the same skill that local craftsmen once fashioned world-class ships. We’re the only spirit maker in Kent, and one of just a few in the UK that undertakes the complete process of brewing and distilling from grain to glass, ensuring our range of premium spirits is totally distinctive and unique.
The Sweet Reason Company
We love being able to meet our customers with a smile & a cup of tea... Our goal is to combine gourmet products and flavours to create a gift we all want to receive! Our gifts can be sent for any occasion and are personalised-  you can be sure that if you order any of our gift boxes, they will be carefully packed, checked and dispatched as soon as possible.  Eat me We have some fantastic, high quality bakers, who make Sweet Reason their tasty treats. We are thrilled to now offer our treats in both Gluten Free, Vegan and Raw options too...nobody needs to miss out! Drink me There are numerous excellent fair trade teas on the market. Gallons of tea drinking has happened over the build up to Sweet Reason to pick the right teas to go with the selected bakes. Teapigs  tea temples came out as our favourite, their range of teas is incredible and they are a delight to drink. “We make a big thing about using quality real tea. By quality real tea, we mean whole leaf tea, whole leaf... More
Thomson & Scott
Thomson & Scott recognised several years ago that people were becoming increasingly concerned about what was in their food, but no-one was asking what was in their wine. Raised on a sugar-free vegetarian diet by a single mother who thought sugar was the devil, CEO and Founder Amanda Thomson, a big fan of Champagne, wanted to create sparkling wines that were beautifully crafted and didn't require added sugar doses to mask impurities. The company has now created an entirely new sector in the drinks industry with other brands racing to keep up with Thomson & Scott's strong connection to the changing attitudes of young-minded drinkers looking to know what's in their glass, demanding purer wines that shun animal by-products and heaps of unnecessary sugar from the production process.
Tickerage Wine
Our boutique family-run vineyard in rural Sussex They say good things come in small packages. At Tickerage we live and breathe this motto by creating handcrafted sparkling English wines of distinction from our boutique 5-acre family-owned and run vineyard. Situated on top of a sandstone ridge, our Sussex vineyard has the free-draining soils vines love so much. Harvested by Hand We only use estate-grown grapes, harvested by hand at the optimal time for both acidity and ripeness every Autumn. Our wines spend at least 5 years ageing to create the most complex flavours. We only release Tickerage in small batch runs to ensure that every bottle is an exquisite experience. As a husband and wife team of grower-producers, we lovingly tend to our vines and carefully cultivate the classic Champagne varieties – Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. We are passionate about creating limited runs of long lees aged Sparkling English Wines, a method that ensures complexity, flavour and taste. This... More
Toppings Pies
With over 60 awards to our name, we think we know how to make a good pie. Topping’s Pies are a family business based in South Yorkshire, producing Speciality Pork Pies, Hot Eating Pies and Quiches.      All our hand finished pies and quiches are made to Maggie Topping’s original homemade family recipes, taking inspiration from history, such as the Victorians and Tudors, in creating some of our most popular and mouth-watering products. Our ethos has always been about taste and freshness; that’s why we only use the highest quality locally sourced ingredients in all our award-winning products. But don’t take our word for it, why not try one or two for yourself! More
Wild & Fruitful Preserves
Handmade in Cumbria using proper pans! From the heart of Cumbria Wild & Fruitful have been creating amazing tastes from local produce for over 20 years. Using a traditional open pan method, every product we make is 100% natural with no artificial colours or additives. We make everything in small batches following recipes that have been skilfully developed to bring out the taste of the wonderful country produce we use.