How To Cook : The Perfect Sunday Roast

by Love Gourmet Club

Now that the weather has taken a turn, you may have found yourself craving a classic English roast dinner. Read on for our tips of making the most of your roast:

The Potatoes

The roast potatoes are everyone’s favourite part of a roast. Crispy outside, soft fluffy inside, topped with thick gravy. 

However, even the most experienced cooks can forget how important it is to pick the right type of potato for your roast; Maris Piper and King Edwards are the best for Sunday dinners. 

Another tip is adding your seasoning, such as rosemary, towards the end of the roasting time - this way, the seasoning doesn’t burn in the oven.

The Vegetables

Typically, a roast dinner consists of carrots, peas and potatoes. For a change from the usual veg, why not try asparagus or swede? Mash swede with butter, black pepper and salt to taste for a light addition to your dish.

The Meat

Most British households opt for chicken or beef as their choice of roast meat. The tradition of roast meat on a Sunday dates back to the King's guards in the 14th century - there’s a reason they’re called beefeaters! 

When purchasing the beef, aim for 225g (half a pound) per person. Before roasting beef, or any other type of meat, allow the cut to rest for an hour at room temperature - this encourages the meat to cook evenly, and avoid any tough or dry meat.

The Vegetarian Option

Finding a suitable vegetarian substitute can be tricky, with most restaurants offering nut-roast as a meat-free alternative. Other ideas include a hearty cheese and potato pie, or goats cheese tartlets.

We hope this article can provide some inspiration for your next Sunday roast - for more tips and tricks, keep an eye on our blog!