Love Gourmet Club was born out of love for the simplest pleasure in life- truly good food.  

Fresh, locally sourced, high quality, delicious, natural food.

about-love-gormet-club-online-food-delivAfter a trip to Devon in 2019, our founder fell in love with the taste of the local products. The cheeses , the seafood, the vegetables, the meat; all tasted fresher and more succulent than the organic food that she was used to buying back in London.

Being a professional food lover, she decided to investigate; why did the food taste so good and where did it come from?

She quickly discovered that a bunch of local small farms were supplying all the the restaurants and the cafes in the area. Over the next few days, she travelled around the farms, getting to know the farmers , visiting the farm shops and tucking into a large amount of delicious treats.

At the end of each visit she would always ask - how could she order their produce, once she was back home?

Every time, she was disappointed to learn that the small farms she visited, like most of the small British food producers, were sadly not commercially represented around the UK. The only way to taste their produce was to travel to the area - come to the farm shops directly or visit one of the places they were supplying.

After going back home she tried ordering from many different online platforms, however,  felt let down by the food that arrived. It wasn’t bad, it just didn’t taste as good. 

After doing a little more research, she found out that almost all of the large delivery companies have holding storage facilities. None of the food comes straight from the farms. Whats worse, the delivery companies charge the producers for storing the products before they are purchased- making it much harder for small producers to ever expand their sales outside their local area.

At this point , our founder was joined by a brave group of passionate food lovers. Together they decided that it was time to help put small businesses & family-run farms on the map and make sure that everyone could have access to delicious high quality, truly fresh farm produce. 

A year later , with a huge amount of support from the south west of England small farm community - Love Gourmet Club was born. 

Love Gourmet Club enables members to order high quality fresh produce directly from small British food producers

We believe in:

Transparency and Community

We reject the lack of transparency that consumers experience today when ordering food online.

We do not supply our members with “faceless” farm produce. Our members get to choose both the products they buy and the producers whom they chose to buy from. This allows our members to have a more personalised shopping experience and freedom to show support to the business of their choice.

High Quality and Freshness

We work with small businesses & family-run farms who have history and passion in what they do. We offer a fantastic variety of Meats, Fish, Poultry, Cheese, Condiments, Cider's, beer's & selected goods from handpicked suppliers in the South West Region who stand by and believe in the same values as us.

We do not have any produce holding warehouses. On the day of the delivery, we  pick up the orders from the producers and deliver them directly to our members.

Humanity and Sustainability

We have the highest commitment to human and animal welfare and feel responsibility to our planet. We integrate this into everything we do- from only partnering with organisations that  fully embrace this attitude to only using recyclable packaging for our deliveries.