Learn all about sustainable farming in the southwest of England.

Antibiotics in Animal Feed: A Looming Global Health Crisis

by Love Gourmet Club
Published 02/09/2020
We humans rely on antibiotics to treat a whole range of bacterial infections, from an infected wisdom tooth to a potentially fatal blood disease....

The Stark Contrast in the Production Process between Small Farms and Mass Production Farms

by Love Gourmet Club
Published 02/09/2020
When you purchase produce online or from your local store, how often do you think about the systems in place that get the food to your plate?...

Small Farms Flying the Flag for Animal Welfare Standards

by Love Gourmet Club
Published 11/08/2020
At Love Gourmet Club, not only are we passionate about connecting our customers with amazing British producers, but we also care deeply about...

South West England: The Home of Sustainable Small Farms

by Love Gourmet Club
Published 07/08/2020
With its sprawling landscapes and rural charm, farming is the beating heart of the South West. Here at Love Gourmet Club, we work with some of...