Brinkworth Blue

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Delicious creamy firm Wiltshire blue cheese.
Brinkworth Blue is close to our hearts; named after our village and also our cows. We have the oldest pedigree Friesian herd in the country, established in 1910. Its appeal has won a string of awards in the world of cheese and continues to be a favourite. 

The cheese ripens for 2 months. It is turned every week and pierced in the first 2 weeks of its life to promote the development of those distinctive veins. 

Brinkworth Blue is similar to a stilton in that it is a hard blue. It is creamy, sweet and nutty. Some describe it as having a chestnut honey flavour. The earthy brown mushroomy crust is fairly thick. The paste is golden and milk white with blue and green veining. 

The texture is close and the aroma of new mown grass or hay can be appreciated. Some may pick up on a subtle nutmeg flavour in the background. 

Brinkworth Blue is well complimented by a beautiful tawny Port. The rich soft flavours bring out the best in our crumbly blue cheese. We recommend a finely sliced pear and a thin, salty cracker to layer with Brinkworth Blue. Push the boat out and add a smidge of fruity chutney. 

Dazzling by itself or part of a bigger cheeseboard