Beckfords Rum Spirits c/o Zen Exp Ltd

We make Award Winning Rums using traditional techniques and only the best natural ingredients

Driven by Taste

We like to combine our quality Rum with perfectly matched classic flavours to create something truly irresistible. Traders, blenders and bottlers of the finest Rums creating new and innovative flavours. 

Based in Bath in the South West of the UK, the original city of elegant consumption. We have spent the last 12 months trialling our product to consumers across the UK. Caramel and Coconut Rum- Our research shows our consumer profile is anyone of the legal drinking age who is looking to try something different and is driven by taste. 

An Indulgent Treat

Our products are luxury and indulgent, the purpose of the drinking is the enjoyment. Being nice to yourself, spoiling yourself. (Black Pearl) – A blend of Rums from Guyana and completely in tune with the current appetite for spiced Rums. Appeals to the discerning palette and to anyone who wants more flavour from their favourite spirit either as a short or long drink. Modern in a very classic way, for all ages and gender. High-end chefs are using Beckford’s Caramel Rum as an ingredient in desserts.